Xiaomi Redmi 1s Review and Specification

Redmi 1s is a China Company mobile that is xiaomi. This company has been working on its redmi 1s model because of many fault in mobile. Here’ a detailed review about Redmi 1s.

Display: Redmi 1s comes with 4.7 inch screen. Its display color are brilliant. Everyone would love watching movies and playing games on this phone.xiaomi has worked enough on its look and display.

Storage: Redmi 1s has 8 GB inbuilt memory. Redmi 1s has one disadvantage about internal memory that is apps and games cant be move to sd card. External Memory can be expanded upto 32 GB. It has OTG cable support that means we can insert pendrive through a cable.

Processor: Redmi 1s has 1.6 giga hertz processor that make processing apps and games fast. It’s processor can support RAM to handle heavy to heavy task.

RAM: Redmi 1s has 1 GB RAM to handle big tasks. But there is one disadvantage, while working the RAM itself increases and only 480 MB RAM is left for user and system Occupies 600 MB RAM. This makes Redmi 1s keyboard disappear sometimes and is visible only after phone get Restart. While playing a small game also or surfing internet via 3g the Redmi 1s gets heated too kuch near back camera. This heating increases a fear in user mind that this phone can even explode. These are Redmi 1s tweaks that has been solved in Redmi 3s.

Camera: Redmi 1s has 8 mp camera at back and 0.3 mp camera at front. Camera quality is superfine. According to user when camera is open it some time get  malfunction.

Gaming: Redmi 1s has adreno 305 processor for gaming purpose. But as i played in redmi 1s i found in real racing 3, GT Racing and N.O.V.A 3 game processor or RAM is giving little late response. So we’ve to change the setting of games into medium graphic mode or low graphic mode.

Network: Redmi 1s has dual sim slot. Mini sim are inserted in these slots. Sim slot 1 is for 3g and sim slot 2 for 2g network.



Nokia Lumia 520 Review and Specification

Nokia Lumia 520 is an amazing mobile from nokia or we can say microsoft. Nokia lumia 520 has its own quality. Now lets come to nokia lumia 520 Review and specification

Display: Nokia Lumia 520 have 4 inch display. The quality of display is amazing and so clear that its user will love it. Its display is scratch proof.

Touch: Nokia Lumia 520 Touch response is very fast. Lumia 520 touch is multitouch, which mean we can navigate with many finger at a time on the screen.

Memory: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 8 GB inbuilt Memory and expandable memory upto 8 GB. As i found in my sister phone, we can install apps and games upto 8 GB.

RAM: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 512 MB RAM enough for doing task. Its RAM provide user fast interface and app speedup. When i tried to open some heavy sites in my sister Mobile Nokia Lumia 520, the internet explorer browser get crash and again i’ve to to work.

Gaming: Graphics are Amazing but in today’s time if i search in nokia store i will not find any high graphic game. Microsoft and other are working hard to provide new apps and games for Window Phone.

Camera: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 5 mp camera without flash. I found the quality of lumia fine but photo which are clicked at night are not good.

Operating System: Nokia lumia 520 comes with window 8.0 version and is upgradable to 8.1 Window version. It has qualcomn chipset.

Processor: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 1.0 giga hertz processor. This processor is much enough to make phone work superfast.

Battery: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 1430 mah battery. It do not provide good battery backup.

Network: Nokia Lumia 520 has micro sim slot. Your normal sim is needed to be cut to fit in the phone. Nokia Lumia 520 has 3g network mode. The phone back panel can be open easily as in other lumia phone like lumia 800 back panel does not open.



Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review

Samsung Galaxy S Advance a great achievment for samsung at the time of this product release. Samsung Galaxy S Advance is a mobile full of speed. My brother had this phone provided a great experience to me. Now here’s the review of Samsung Galaxy S Advance


Display: Samsung Galaxy S Advance had a 4 inch Display with a perfect quality to make its user amazed.

Touch:  Samsung Galaxy S Advance has fast touch response its not like other samsung phone. This phone is at its best.

RAM: Samsung Galaxy S Advance comes with 768 MB RAM, which is immensely fast and provide multitask capability. If we check the RAM we will find 380 MB RAM consumed and rest for user to perfime various task.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy S Advance comes with 1.0 giga hertz dual core processor for making thi phone immensely fast.

Operating System: Samsung Galaxy S Advance Comes with android 2.3 version and is upgradable to jellybean. My brother upgraded his android version, after upgrading he found 50 MB RAM increased and 200 mb was occupied more from 2 GB App memory.

Graphics: Samsung Galaxy S Advance has mali 400 mp Graphic processor to run heavy Games. It is capable of playing games like N.O.V.A and GT Racing 2

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S Advance has 5 mp Camera with flash and 0.3 MP camera at front

Memory: Samsung Galaxy S Advance ha inbuilt 16 internal memory in which only 11.4 GB is accessible for user and 2 GB for apps and games

Network: It is single sim mobile and 3g enabled. Call feature is very fast.

Gaming: Samsung Galaxy S Advance has best gaming experience. I’ve played many games in my brother samsung galalxy s advance and i was just like wow! Whatever type of heavy app or game is there in phone, the samsung galaxy s advance is capable of playing any games



Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

Samsung Galaxy Ace the phone brought a revolution in its time, When Samsung Galaxy Ace Was launched their was hardly a piece left in mobile store. As that was the time when Samsung Introduced Android Phones. I too had this phone 2 years ago and i was just like showing off to my friends.
Lets come to Samsung Galaxy Ace Review.

Display: Samsung Galaxy Ace offers 3.5 inch screen with brilliant color display. Its Display increases the Quality of surfing and Gaming. According to me Color quality was brilliant.

Sound: Samsung Galaxy Ace provide good sound quality. Coming to its mic in which we speak and the speaker through which we hear sound during call provide us great sound quality.

Video: Only MP4 and 3gp extension of video are supported. To see other High Quality Video we need to install external application like MX Player.

Touch: Touch Response is fast but it is not multitouch. Its touch provide great experience to its user.

RAM: Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with 290 MB RAM, which is fine for doing single task at a time and can do task at background.  This phone is not for games above 40 MB. Candy Crush saga even do not run on this phone because of low android version and RAM. It’s System Consume 90 MB RAM, Rest is for user.

Graphics: In today Time High Graphic apps and games are being Developed for new upcoming Smartphone. When i run Facebook messenger also it stucks and get hang sometime.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy Ace Comes With about 800 mega hertz processor.

Operating system: Samsung Galaxy Ace Comes with android 2.3 and is not capable of upgrading into higher version. Some android software developer have developed an android upgrade for Galaxy ace that is copy of Jelly bean named Jelly blast. You can find a screenshot of my jellyblast android version at below.

Memory: It Comes with 190 MB Memory from which ony 160 is available to its user. Some apps like Whatsapp cannot be moved to memory card.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Ace Comes with 5 mp camera with flash but no front camera is provided

Network: Samsung Galaxy Ace is single sim phone and is 3g enable phone. It has wifi function, bluetooth and other function



Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Samsung Galaxy S Duos simply the Company name defines the Quality of Samsung Galaxy S Duos. My Father Has Been Using Samsung Galaxy S Duos for two years. Let Me Tell you the advantage and Disadvantage of the phone and then it will be easy for you to choose to buy or not.



  1. Display: Samsung Galaxy S duos offers 4 inch Screen for its user to experience its performance and quality, it do not have hd display but Samsung displays have a amazing and diffrent quality that make them awesome from other company, if we keep the phone on desk and see the display in slanting view we can see the display or video playing on the phone but in other phones if we see like this we can only see white light. we mostly see red and green color in Samsung display
  2. Touch: Samsung Galaxy S Duos touch is awesome, touch response is totally amazing
  3. Processor: It Has 1.0 giga hertz Processor that support its RAM and it make it work faster, but in this mobile there is lack of speed response as compare to other phone if we click on setting icon it hardly takes 1 second but in Galaxy S duos it takes about 2.2 Second not only in setting but in other Program Also
  4. RAM: Samsung Galaxy S Duos Comes with 645 MB RAM, RAM increase the possibility of doing multi task at once so more RAM is must. I don’t know why when i install games on Galaxy S Duos like Frontline Commando 1, i swear the gaming experience was poor the screen was hanging, i was unable to shoot the enemy i’m confuse is it RAM, Graphic or Processor problem. If games like frontline just of 80 MB games is not working properly We cant Expect Other high graphics Games to work

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S Duos comes with 5mp Camera and 0.3 mp camera front for video call

Body: The Phone is easy to carry not so heavy give a stylish look when carrying, easily get adjusted in pocket

Memory: Samsung S Duos comes with 4 GB internal Memory in which 2 GB is for apps installation and 2 GB for songs and other user material

Operating System: It has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version and not upgradable

Hope the review will be helpfull to you


Micromax Canvas 2.2 114 Review

Here’s one more review from my side on Micromax Canvas 2.2 114.
The Phone is very sleek and Perfect lets check out the phone.


Display: Micromax Canvas 2.2 114 Comes with 5 inch capacitive touch screen and this big screen helps it user to enjoy gaming and movied streaming

Body: Micromax Canvas 2.2 114 comes with sleek body design which you have never seen before. Its quite about 130-140 grams in weight

Ram: Micromax Canvas 2.2 114 Comes with 1 GB Ram and we Reboot the phone and check the Ram We would find about 370 mb RAM consumed by system and rest for user tasks and there is no chance of phone getting as its ram is enough for any task

ROM: Micromax Canvas 2.2 114 Comes with 4 GB internal Memory from which 1.5 Gb is for apps and rest for other purpose

Processor: It Comes with 1.3 giga hertz processor that perfectly handles RAM and give perfect and fast experience to its user without any restriction. It also have graphic processor for best gaming experience about 400 mhz for games.if you buy this phone you cant say no to play high graphics games

Camera: It comes with 8 mp camera at back and 2.0 mp at front for video calling worldwide. The video we record from 8 mp are hd.


Its Calling Feature has been optimized and give a different look. when i tried this device, i found in setting section whole white in color, that was the first android phone i saw with white background and it just amazed me. i was just like wow micromax had been working hard in this 21st century  to overcome other brilliant companies like Samsung, Htc and others. In micromax canvas 2.2 114 we can find many option for camera like multishoot etc.

Other feature: It have sensors and preinstalled app like google chrome, opera mini and much more feature

I hope these feature can make you go to the mobile seller and buy it



Xolo q700s Review

Xolo q700s review: A mobile that everyone would like to buy because it has low price and is in budget of everyone.
Now coming to its review and specification.

Display: xolo q700s has 4.5 inch screen sufficient for personal use. The graphics of display are incredible. It has multitouch display

Network: xolo q700s comes with dual sim mode l, 1st sim slot for 3g sim and 2nd sim slot for 2g sim

RAM and ROM: xolo q700s comes with 1GB RAM which provide great experience to its user. When i restarted the phone and checked the RAM it showed me 392 MB RAM consumed by System and rest left for user. Xolo q700s comes with 4 GB ROM in which 1.5 GB is for apps and games and 2.5 GB for user to save songs and other things

Processor: xolo q700s comes with 1.3 giga hertz processor and a special processor for gaming experience that is graphic processor 400 mega hertz.
As i played in xolo q700s i downloaded and installed game xolo q700 is capable of playing 600-700 mb games

The battery which comes along with phone is 1800 MAH Battery and gives 2 days backup normally but whem using 3g internet it only give 5 to 6 hour backup

Camera: xolo q700s Comes with 8mp back camera and 0.3 digital camera front for video calling

Other Features: Xolo q700s have processor like ambient and much more it has preinstalled apps from google and from xolo. It has android 4.2 jelly bean and no upgrade option into kitkat version. It provide Hd quality recording of video and playing of video and it too have dual LED

Gaming: Xolo q700s Provide an amazing graphics experience because of its separate graphic processor.

Operating System: Xolo q700s comes with android 4.2 jelly bean version. It’s company has provide an upgrade to kitkat 4.4.2 version for its user. This effort has made their user too happy.

I hope everyone will like the mobile.




Karbonn Titanium S5 plus Review

Karbonn Titanium s5 plus review, i own this mobile and it is a brilliant phone

Camera: It has 8 mega pixel camera and 0.3 mega pixel front. The quality of picture taken by camera are clear.
Display: Karbonn titanium s5 plus has 5 inch screen quite big for watching movies and playing games.
Processor: karbonn titanium s5 plus has 1.3 giga hertz processor and is very fast to handle many big application at one point
Touch: according to my experience touch is very sensitive the touch response is fast. At a single moment i can put five finger and make touch work that is multitouch.

Ram: it has 1GB RAM that is sufficient for multi tasking and it the phone never slows down. Whenever i restart my phone and check the ram the system had been consuming 478 MB RAM it mean 522 MB RAM is left for the user.

Gaming experience: I tried Installing Games of About 200 MB they worked totally fine. Games above 200 MB Having Brilliant Graphics Do not work. while Installing from Google Playstore those game gives error 492.

Battery: the battery which comes with phone is of 1800 MAH, means if we use phone for just calling and messaging the phone battery backup will be 2 days and if we use 3g internet on it the phone will provide 4 hours backup.

Memory: The phone come with 4 gb internal memory. Only 1 GB is provided for apps and games and 3 GB for Song and other things and it comes with 32 GB expandable memory.

Look: karbonn titanium s5 plus has a great sleek look. In mostly android phones from samsung and other brands soft keys are provided on the below body panel. But in titanium s5 plus soft keys are provided on the display which can be hided and restore anytime by user to acquire whole display.

Operating System: karbonn titanium s5 plus comes with android 4.2 jelly bean which i think is not upgradable to kitkat version. As i have check update section but didn’t found anything worth

Other feature: karbonn titanium s5 plus has great sensor like ambient and others, it has portable hotspot, 3g speed upto 21 mbps and is dual sim phone in which 1 sim slot is for 3g sim and 2nd slof for 2g sim

Call feature: Titanium s5 dial pad is similar to samsung phone but contact section is diffrent and unique.

Hope this review will be helpfull to my user in choosing Right mobile phone.